About us 

Dives Estate OOD (Administrator) is a company, registered in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency under UIC 200127658, with seat and registered address: 154 Maritsa boulevard, floor 3, office A9, city of Plovdiv 4013, telephone: +359 887 233 939, e-mail: office@divesestate-bg.com.
Dives Estate OOD, in its capacity of administrator within the meaning of the law, is collecting personal data of individuals, who visit the website of the online store www.divesestate-bg.com and in this connection undertakes the commitment to ensure privacy and protection of the personal data, which the clients (consumers) provide via the online store.
The privacy policy of Dives Estate OOD regulates in general terms the manner, in which the personal data is collected, how it is used, the conditions, subject to which it may be provided to other parties and the manner of its storage.
Each client, who uses the website and the services, provided via it, shall be regarded as familiar with this policy and shall be obliged to comply with it.

What type of personal data is collected

Dives Estate OOD collects only such personal data of the clients, which is appropriate, necessary, related to the objectives of processing. The personal information, which is collected, includes the client’s name, postal address, e-mail address and the telephone number.
The personal data, which Dives Estate OOD collects in connection with the services, offered via the website of the online store, is always collected exclusively and only for the specific purposes, for which it was made available by the clients/consumers and may not be processed in a manner, incompatible with those purposes.
The company Dives Estate OOD processes the personal data provided in such a manner, as to ensure appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures.

Basis for the processing of personal data

Dives Estate OOD processes the personal data on lawful basis, because the same is provided by the clients in connection with the goods and services, offered via this website, as part of an originating purchase-and-sale contract or when required for fulfilment of the conditions, regulating the usage of the online store website. The main reason for processing the personal data is for carrying out the activities in performance of a sale contract, when the clients make purchases by ordering from the online store website.

Purposes, for which personal data is processed

Dives Estate OOD processes the personal data of its customers:
• for administering the orders of the customers of the online store;
• for follow-up, fulfilment and performance of the purchase-and-sale contract, which is executed between the administrator and the customers via the online store website;
• for providing information, directly related to the goods, which the customers ordered;
• for making available the products, ordered by the online store customers;
• for fulfilment of contractual obligations;
• for drawing up and forwarding of invoices and commodity receipts via telephone, post, e-mail or any other direct manner;
• processing of the data in the process of ordering, reporting, acceptance and payment;
• any technical support for maintenance of the services provided;
• for preventing illegal activities in violation of the legal norms;
• fulfilment of all other legal requirements, prevention of corrupt practices and fulfilment of obligations under the Law on the measures against money laundering.

How personal data is collected

The customers are providing their data voluntarily, using our website www.divesestate-bg.com. For example, when ordering the goods offered by Dives Estate OOD via the online store and more specifically, when the customer/consumer enters his/her personal data into the order form. The fields specified, which are indicated as mandatory for completion, are the information, which the administrator needs for the execution of the purchase-and-sale contract, for performance of the delivery of the product and for the exercise of the rights of the parties to the contract.
By providing his/her personal data the consumer agrees to receive via e-mail the order confirmation and information of the forwarding of an order via courier. The personal data of the consumer will be used only for the purposes of administering the specific order.

Access to the personal data, made available by the consumers

Dives Estate OOD, as a administrator of personal data shall undertake to refrain from selling, making available or sharing for marketing purposes to third parties the personal data provided. Access to this data shall be available only to authorized persons.
Dives Estate OOD may make available the personal data of its clients to third parties – service providers, subcontractors and other related organizations only and exclusively for the purposes of carrying out activities for provision of services to the clients/consumers, which is required for fulfilment of orders and delivery of goods, purchased by the customers.
Personal data of any customer may not be provided to third parties without the customer’s prior consent except where this is required by a normative act or in order to comply with a lawful order of a body of a public authority. Provision of personal data to state institutions may take place only in the cases envisaged by the law and in a volume, which does not exceed the purposes, for which it was requested.

Rights of access to, rectification or deletion of the personal data

The clients/consumers may request at any time:
1. Access to their personal data, collected in the process of provision and use of the goods, including: confirmation whether we are processing the personal data made available, of what categories it is, the purposes of this processing and the recipients, to which the data is disclosed.
2. Rectification of the personal data, which the clients/consumers have provided, in case of finding any inaccuracy.
3. Deletion of the personal data, when it is no longer necessary for the purpose, for which it was collected or otherwise processed and there is no other legal basis for the processing apart from the consent, on which the processing of the personal data was based, as well as when the same was processed unlawfully. A withdrawal of the consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing of the personal data prior to such withdrawal.

The performance of the above actions for providing access to, rectification or deletion of the personal data may be possible only if the consumer so requests by written application addressed to the Administrator, which must contain:
• Name, address and other identification data of the respective individual;
• Description of the request;
• Preferred form for provision of the information;
• Signature, date of submission of the application, correspondence address and contact telephone number;
• Notarized power of attorney, in case of submission by an authorized person.
The application shall be forwarded to the registered address of the Administrator by registered mail or courier.
The Administrator shall inform of the decision to perform the action requested or of the refusal to do so within a month of receipt of the application. The notice of this shall be forwarded by mail with return of receipt requested or may be received in person against signature.

Right of objection

In the cases provided for by law each consumer shall be entitled to submit an objection to the Administrator against the processing of the personal data related to him/her, provided a legal basis for this exists. Where the objection is justified, the personal data of the respective individual may no longer be processed after that point in time.